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  • Release Date: 2017-09-26
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Product Description:

Have you ever imagined what would it be like to wake up on a different planet? The arcade-adventure game Hob will take you there, presenting a totally twisted story! Oops, we forgot to mention that the planet is on the brink of disaster, so watch out for the traps that lie in wait for you!

Uncover your role in the declining world

Finding himself on an unknown planet, our amiable protagonist will quickly find out that it is not a land of milk and honey. Actually, pretty much the opposite, hardly anything works the way it should and the planet faces the threat of extermination.

Will you be able to help the small, child-like robot to find himself in this chaotic world and prevent it from destruction? This largely depends on your wit and agility, as Hob features a vast array of traps and dangers you will encounter all the time.

Presented without texts or dialogues, the storyline is revealed through exploration. Prepare for a vibrantly designed, open world where everything around you is interactive and can have its significance in the development of your story.

Interact and modify the environment

Solving various mysteries and riddles, you will be exploring a magical, vibrant world, that prepared for you lots of challenges, but also many incredibly charming moments. Hob’s gameplay is based around interactions and modifications

You can alter your environment in countless ways. Observe how it changes, and open new areas to discover and objects to interact with. Use your unique mechanical arm to move about and fight. Find mysterious ruins, learn their stories from the ghosts that guard them.

Make friendships or do battle. The game offers countless ways for you to affect your environment. It is up to you which path you choose!

Enjoy beautiful graphic side

Developed in the cel shading style, Hob’s visual side distinguishes itself with an original, artistic character, fascinating with its vividness and beauty of the surrounding world. Admire brightly colored landscapes with nature and machinery blending together so naturally that it is hard to notice the borders between them.

Look for various collectibles which include your new gear, discover broken robots, fantastic animals and structures that spectacularly emerge out of the riveting environment. Being a one big puzzle, sometimes the world can change beyond your recognition after only a few clicks.