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Layers of Fear - Soundtrack PC


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Product Description:

Composer Arkadiusz Reikowski, whose soundtracks perfectly manifest terror and fear, created the Layers of Fear soundtrack with two distinct parts: First the lyrical element, which represents the Painter’s wife, and second the dark, eerie, tones which capture the feeling of a mind slowly slipping toward insanity.

In addition to his composition for Layers of Fear, Arkadiusz is well known for his work with renowned Silent Hill singer Mary E. McGlynn on the title Kholat, and for his long time collaboration with Akira Yamaoka.

1.    Main Theme (feat. Penelopa Willmann-Szynalik)
2.    Something In The Dark
3.    Paintings On The Walls part 1
4.    Memories From The Child's Room
5.    These Thoughts Are Killing Me
6.    Main Theme (Piano Version)
7.    Scrapes
8.    Messed Up
9.    Paintings On The Walls part 2
10.    I Can Hear The Crying
11.    The Office
12.    It's In My Head
13.    Shapeless Dreams
14.    The Walls Are Changing
15.    The Music Box
16.    The End (feat. Penelopa Willmann-Szynalik)

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