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Product Description:

GRIS is an indie platform-adventure video game developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital in 2018. It is an emotional adventure depicting the journey of a young girl called Gris, who delves into her own world in hope to gather enough strength and courage to be able to face the painful experience she suffers in her life.The game is available on PC (Windows, macOS).


GRIS lacks the typical voiced or written narrative, yet its touching enough to be able to bring tears to eyes. The game tells the story of a titular heroine, Gris, who wakes up on the palm of a giant woman statue. Gris is signing, but soon she is unable to make any sound, the world loses colors, and the statue shatters to pieces, being the metaphor for the girls’ pain and sorrow she is not able to handle anymore.

Gris is determined, however, and she is not going to let the darkness overcome her feelings. She decides to embark on a journey inside her mind in order to strengthen herself and courageously face the source of her pain. She will try to get herself together by restoring the colors and by rebuilding the scattered monument. Over time she will grow emotionally and she will learn new abilities which will hopefully help her succeed.


GRIS is a single-player side-scrolling platformer set in a surrealistic world being the metaphor for the protagonist’s messy and disordered mind. The gameplay involves running, jumping between platforms, collecting the light star-like orbs and solving simple puzzles. As the game progresses, Gris unlocks new abilities, like the power of transforming into a stone, floating through the air, or double jumping. These will need to be cleverly utilized in different scenarios in order to successfully complete the journey. 

Platform sections are straightforward, and the story is linear. The game lacks the typical narrative, and instead leaves the player with the beautiful and detailed environment, polished animations, and amazing score, creating a perfect harmony which speaks for itself. GRIS features full controller support.


GRIS (PC) received positive reviews with the most praised elements being the unique hand-painted art-style and a phenomenal score. Reviewers also appreciated the subtle narrative which carries the powerful message, and at the same time is open for an interpretation.

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