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free steam game HITMAN - Game of The Year Edition

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HITMAN - Game of The Year Edition


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Product Description:

A whole new campaign

Taking place in Bangkok, Hokkaido, Sapienza or Colorado, the new “Patient Zero” campaign will engage Agent 47 to stop the spread of a dangerous virus and save the world from destruction. The campaign features 4 new missions, in which you will explore new locations, characters, weapons, outfits and most importantly new mechanics, AI behavior and HUD elements. Developed under the new studio – IO interactive, which bought the rights to the game from Square Enix, Hitman Game of the Year Edition became simply more attractive visually, more dynamic and even more engrossing. You can also expect a “new time of day” featured, as well as some brand-new music, composed by Niels Bye Nielsen, known from the basic edition. Due to the dynamic nature of the Patient Zero missions, they are not available for Contract creation.

Integrate it with your game

Apart from the whole new set of features, the Game of the Year Edition of course compiles all previous contents. The 5 million community of Hitman’s owners will have a chance to upgrade their basic version on preferential terms. The DLC production will of course preserve all their previous achievements and game history, including Challenge Packs, Escalation Contracts, Featured Contracts and challenges passed. What is more, from the 7th of November 2017, the developer constantly revives new “elusive targets”, so all the complex, unique missions, which were available only for a selected time. If you didn’t manage to finish any of them, there will be no greater opportunity than to do it now.

Experience emotions on the highest level

Master the ultimate playground in a new, unique quality. Revamped UI, different color scheme and enhanced lighting improve the gameplay, eliminating the issues reported by some basic version users. Moreover, console users will be delighted with 4K details, as Xbox One X enhanced version of Hitman promises to be a killer. You will have the choice between High Quality, which runs the game in native 4K (3840 x 2160), piling on enhanced graphics effects and high frame rate, which can be unlocked or locked at 30 fps. Improved texture filtering will allow you to see even the most remote details. The same applies also to the high frame rate mode. All these features along with the HDR support make Hitman GOTY Edition a strikingly new game.