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free steam game Dance Magic

  • Release Date: 2016-02-15
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Dance Magic


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Product Description:

What if dancing could save the world? In Dance Magic, it can. 

What if scientists invented a brand new form of biological energy able to convert dancing moves to real power? Then the fate of the whole human race would depend on the most skilled dancer’s will. 
Do not let this energy be used for destruction! 
Join the battle to stop those who try to use Dance Magic against humanity! Take part in the most important dance-off ever. You and your friends can save the planet, and the human race!

  • 7 diverse dance styles 
  • Several thrilling locations 
  • Rich character customization system 
  • Incldues more than 30 musical tracks 
  • Different playing modes including campaign, free dance, and playing with friends 
  • Variety of difficulty settings