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  • Release Date: 2018-08-09
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Monster Hunter World


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Product Description:

Take a long journey to the New World, following in the footsteps of the Elder Dragons. Can you discover what prompts them to migrate there every decade in the event known as the Elder Crossing? Join the Fifth Fleet and find out!

Monster Hunter: World is one of the finest entries into a franchise of long and complex games, bringing together the veterans and newcomers in a single sprawling adventure.

Unique arsenal of weapons and armour

MHW features a robust collection of weapons, some of them unlike any you've seen in other games. There is a total of fourteen weapon classes in Monster Hunter World, each of them with unique playstyle, a different skill ceiling, and utility. Changing to a new instrument of destruction is almost like switching a character class in other games.

An Insect Glaive can pole-vault you towards or away from enemies, and shoot an essence-draining bug at your prey. Use a Charge Blade in its Sword and Shield mode to gather a charge you can then explosively unleash in the Axe mode, dealing devastating damage. Or crash into enemies with the slow, but powerful swings of your Hammer, carrying enough momentum to give pause to all but the heaviest beasts.

All weapons have their own momentum, so ditch any instincts you might have from other action games. There's no move cancelling, once you commit, you have to see the attack to the end. Can you keep the combo going even as a humongous monster is trying to bite you in half?

Crafting at the core of the experience

Monster Hunter: World crafting system lies at the very centre of your time with Capcom's game. Track down monsters and hunt them for the materials you can extract from them, travel the world to find rare plants, and spend a long and satisfying time paging through the upgrade menus to discover the path you want to follow.

Every weapon has its own upgrade tree, and the only way to unlock any node it to find the appropriate materials out in the world. Perhaps the flame improvement requires a piece of a fire-breathing monster incorporated into the design. Or a new powerful sword require a certain type of bone extracted from a hulking beast.

All upgrades reflect a characteristic of the beast you are require to hunt to get them.And that's just the beginning. Monster Hunter: World has no traditional levelling system, all progression is handled through crafted upgrades. Create and enhance your and your Palico companion's gear and be the most skilled AND stylish monster hunter in the entire Fifth Fleet.

Monster Hunter: World's storyline

MHW's plot synopsis shows a simple, but engaging story.Every ten years gigantic beasts called the Elder Dragons migrate to a continent knows as the New World. Your task as a member of an expedition organised by the Research Division is to discover the reasons for said migration and explore the new land. On the way there the Fifth Fleet encounters a titanic Zorah Magdaros, an Elder Dragon with the size and appearance of a mountain. It's up to you to discover what draws it to the New World. Along the way you will uncover more secrets than you bargained for.

Give shape to your own hunter using the robust character creation, and then do the same to your faithful catlike Palico companion who is going to be an invaluable help to you on the battlefield, and a delightful distraction as it interacts with other Palicos in a charming manner.

Quests and tasks

Whether furthering the storyline or giving you the sense of direction, Monster Hunter: World's quests are always rewarding, and give you more goals to work towards. The game features several distinct quest categories, each with a different focus.

Assigned quests get the plot going, one and done, so be sure to pay attention so that you don't miss any set piece of a bit of information.

Optional quests can be repeated as often as you want and focus on helping the NPCs as well as giving access to special encounters and arena challenges.

Investigations can be completed only a set number or times, and they begin when you track or hunt down a monster.

These are just three most common types of quests you're going to encounter during your time with Monster Hunter: World, but there are special events, unique assignments and robust arena mode to keep you interested and engaged between main quests.

Excellent online co-op

If you encounter something too hard for you at the moment, you can always call for friends or send an SOS flare. Before long, you're in a team with three other players and the four of you can take on challenges few solo hunters can manage, or just lark about and have fun in a stunning world.Changing from offline to online play in MHW is seamless, smooth, and fast. Which mode is your preferred way to play?

Massive monsters

When you're all decked out, it's time to go hunting. The fauna of the New World is beautifully and creatively designed, and for the entire length of the 60 or so hours it will take you to complete the game, and endless hours beyond you will marvel at their animations and behaviours unique to every of the over 30 species.

Watch as they react to you actions, limping when badly hurt, shedding tainted blood when you poison them, and staggering after some of the powerful swings of heavy weapons. The beasts you hunt make your adventure feel all the more real.

And then you take the fight to the awe-inspiring Elder Dragons dwarfing everything else in the game.