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Product Description:

Providing a unique challenge where time is the ultimate factor, Sine Mora EX combines a classic shooter with contemporary presentation. Pilot one of the fighter planes, squaring off against hordes of enemies. The game offers both a story mode and a fast-paced Arcade one.

Shoot’em all!

Deriving from Latin, Sine Mora means “without delay”, which perfectly reflects the mood of the game. There is no time for delay, as you either shoot, or you’re being shot down. Steering a fighter plane, you have to exterminate your enemies, proving your reflex and agility in the process.

Of course you have a vast arsenal of weaponry and gadgets at your disposal. Collect power-ups and super points to enhance your attack. Weave between hundreds of bullets. Check out special weapons, and even manipulate time.

Challenge yourself by eliminating tough bosses, which can surpass you several times over with their size, but don’t have such versatility and wit. With over 50 different weapon combinations on offer and time manipulating options, Sine Mora’s gameplay provides fun for many hours!

Learn the story of Seol

Inhabited by antropomorphic animals, Seol is a war-torn planet, where the Enkie people try to stand against the Empire regime. The feud has already lasted for centuries and reoccurs constantly, as it involves time-manipulation devices.

Can you help the protagonists put an end to this vicious circle? While playing the game, you will thoroughly explore the planet, admiring breathtaking landscapes, where industrial development intermingles with spectacular mountain chains.

You will also learn the stories of some of the individuals, and discover their quite complex personalities, each complemented by a complex background. The story mode is smoothly designed, offering three levels of difficulty, so that even the absolute beginners can enjoy the gameplay. The campaign has been divided into seven stages.

Unique graphics

Sine Mora EX features a distinctive visual side, being a nice example of a 2.5D shooter. Experience 2D side scrolling gameplay in a 3D-rendered environment. Sine Mora EX also adds a native 4k resolution at 60 FPS.

Its dieselpunk setting will appeal to all who like industrial or sci-fi aesthetic. Don’t forget about the music, composed by Akira Yamaoka (known i.e. from Silent Hill or Shadows of the Damned) and you get a magnificent audiovisual spectacle.