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Tennis World Tour


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Product Description:

Become one of 31 famous tennis players and play the match or tournament of your life. The Tennis World Tour game offers lesson on how to play and matches on different types of courts. You can choose your player, style, tactics and get to the number one spot in the tennis world.

Tennis World Tour sets new standards when it comes to tennis simulation. The players can choose from as many as 31 international, great, world famous tennis players – both veterans and rising stars – to launch their own adventure in professional sport. There is option to learn how to shoot the ball, how to behave on different type of surface of the court and to master tactics. In career mode you can come from zero to number one in the world by training, managing staff, buying equipment and then playing at tournaments.

The Big Names in Tennis

The Tennis World Tour gives you the possibility to play one of 31 players, including big fishes like Roger Federer, Caroline Wozniacki, Stan Wawrinka, Grigor Dimitrov, John Isner, Dominic Thiem or Angelique Kerber, who are in the top of WTA ranking. There are also some of rising stars to play that occupy lower WTA & ATP spots. 

The players represent various countries and different playing styles. You can choose baseline defender or servers, volleyers. You can also switch between different players and try all these tactics. Feel like a pro and learn to play like a pro.

Tactics and Training

Before you set of your bigger than life career in professional sport, train hard. You can learn how to serve, block, volley. You have 18 types of surface of court to choose form, including clay, grass, carpet, hard and hardwood. Feel the difference of the game on each of the surface and master your skills on all of them. For each match you can choose different strategy that will affect how you play. You will take advantage of your skills card to defeat the opponent.

Launch your Career

Your goal is to become number one in the worldwide ranking and retain this spot. You can plan and play your entire professional tennis player career. From buying the equipment, choosing managing staff, training, mastering skills, choosing your favorite court surface, adapting a strategy before each match to playing tournaments and winning trophies. 

To move up in the ranking you have to carefully choose where to play, recruit suitable staff and train really hard. Each of these actions will give you points to go higher. Be aware though that, like in real life, your player can get tired if he is too exploited. The fatigue factor can reflect your score, so remember to plan breaks from time to time.

Online Mode

Once you master your skill in single payer mode, try some real challenge: online games. You can play quick matches, ranked matches or face weekly challenges. Try reaching the top in the online rankings and even better in the virtual tennis by facing real opponents instead of AI generated one.

Tennis World Tour Features

All movements in the game are perfectly represented, on each type of surface of the court, thanks to motion capture technology. The player can choose from 18 types of surfaces and 31 players. There is single playing mode available, as well as online one with ranking of players, quick matches, weekly challenges and ranked matches. You can adapt different strategies, hire staff, buy equipment. You can train volleys, serves, defending and all other actions used in modern tennis. Complete career mode allows you to take your player from the start to number one in the global ranking.

Tennis World Tour Info

The game was produced by Breakpoint Studio. The Tennis World Tour release date was May 22, 2018. The developers focused on realistic enactment of the tennis games and the world of professional sports in graphics, gameplay and modes. It is a groundbreaking simulation when it comes to tennis games.

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