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Opus Magnum


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Discover an exceptional world where alchemy is a part of life

Blend salt with elemental water to create products. Struggle through your alchemical discovery, invent stabilized water, courage potion or consistently hunt for better solutions. Remember that anything that passes through calcification will become salt. You have only a few reagents to mix with each other in many different variations. These reagents are: earth, air, fire, water, and salt. Process salt with a special glyph to create vitae and mars representing life and death. There are also many metals that you can use and create. Quicksilver, Iron, Tin, Gold, and Copper will allow you to experiment a lot inside your secret lab. The machines you build stir and shift with a comforting mechanical clunk that makes the whole gameplay extremely enjoyable. Within the game, alchemy is made by nanotechnology. Link science with magic and you’ll see, that anything is possible. Use the power of your brain and figure out how to do it.

Take the challenge of speed, size and cost

Opus Magnum judges you on those three main criteria. Unfortunately, those aspects are frequently in direct conflict. Sometimes going faster means spending more money on parts and being small often means moving slowly. Take care of perfect optimization of your machines. Encourage yourself to think creatively and make genuine projects. Find fresh solutions and spend hours during challenging but rewarding gameplay. After completing the level you will see average statistics of other players’ achievements.

Enjoy over 50, built-in puzzles

Give straight instructions to your machinery and automate the creation of minerals. Bond water reactant with salt and solve a complex puzzle. Start your adventure with a fixed-length arm which rotates and can move along a track. Program the instruction bar and proudly admire your creation. Optimize your production and make all of mechanics vastly efficient. Sometimes, extremely hard puzzles will push you to the limits of patience. You can always replay and resolve each puzzle if you are not content with your solution.

Share your achievements with friends

Once you create your extraordinary machine and feel proud of it, you can share it with your friends. Tweet about it and find your solution on the leaderboard. It is even possible to record an animated gif showing the movement of your invent. It can be easily exported and shared so everyone can adore your creativity.

Explore level editor and Steam workshop

Opus Magnum is the game where alchemy meets nano montage. Customize your gameplay and never run out of challenges. Make your own levels or download amazing ones developed by other players. Spend some extra hours to improve your level building technique and share your projects with other players. It feels nice when you see that somebody else is having fun with your game. Try it as soon as possible and feel tons of happiness.

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