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free steam game Invasion 2037

  • Release Date: 2019-11-05
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Invasion 2037


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Product Description:

Become a survival scientist in a savage post-apocalyptic world where aliens have the control of the world and they have spread a virus that transform people into zombies. Find a cure, manage your shelter and fight to survive.
- Manage Your Shelter
You need to manage the electricity, the generator, the ventilation, your interior garden, make improvements to your shelter and more...
- Management and Improvement
You need to manage your body armor, mask filters, flashlight battery, your energy and your health. You will be also able to upgrade your abilities
- Find A Cure
You will create a vaccine against the aliens virus, for this you will have to assemble a laboratory, make analyzes and tests on the subjects
- Exploration
You will explore the Union Hill County area as well as Union Hill City to find the resources necessary for your research, your survival and the maintenance of your shelter
- Car
You will need a car to explore further and you will need to manage it, fill it with fuel and make repairs
- Crafting
You will need to craft some elements to help you to survive, like filters for your mask, bandages, ammunition and more
- Combat
You must fight to stay alive in this world invaded by aliens, zombies and gangs of bandits
- Character customization
You will be able to customize your character with 6 color of skin, hair, sweater, jeans, shoes and also 3 kind of goggles
- Third Person View and First Person View
Our game has been develop in TPS view but we also have a experimental FPS view available.
Manage performance and optimize the game
A cover system
Recruit survivor to fight with you
The ability to go over obstacles and between obstacles
Stores to sell and buy
Complete the FPS view
Add the new map to the south
Add more buildings on the 2 map
Interaction with survivors
Improved User Interface
Improved AI Behavior