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free steam game Fate Hunters

  • Release Date: 2018-09-16
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Fate Hunters


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Product Description:

Fate Hunters is a roguelike game with card mechanics (deck building). Choose your character, create a unique deck, explore the mysterious tower and fight with the mysterious Master.

*) 5 characters: Inquisitor, Arcanist, Raider, Berserk and Spy
*) 150+ weapon, skill, item cards
*) 10+ cards to improve your starting deck
*) 30+ monsters
*) 10+ unique bosses
*) Procedural level generation, random skills, items and weapons - each trip to the tower is unique and does not look like the previous one.
*) A lot of secrets

While playing the game, you’ll have to build your own deck of item, weapon and skill cards at the same time to complete all tower levels by overcoming all obstacles on your way to mysterious Master.
But be prepared to fight dangerous monsters, cunning bosses and avoid deadly traps as the price of taking a wrong step is too high.

Fanatical warrior of the Inquisition, who is endowed with the divine power of healing and destruction.

Master of the Arcane magic, uncontrollable and destructive, but at the same time, unstable and treacherous that can betray at any time.

For several centuries, the ancient curse prevails over him, forcing to seek and devour ancient artifacts. His unquenchable thirst is the source of unlimited strength and weakness.