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  • Release Date: 2019-03-01
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Fragile Fighter


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Product Description:

Trapped in a world of fantasy, a scared but resilient girl is challenged to confront the fragility of life, and face her ultimate fears before it's too late.

As Kira you will explore a world of illusions and encounter in array of characters, forced to fight in the pursuit of truth.

“You see no light in your shadow. Scared to face your mirror. In your self-reflection, you find your peace... your protection.”


• Prepare for a fight in this unforgiving story driven platformer!

• Original Soundtrack and Game Art included FREE with your purchase of the game!

• Multiple difficulty levels to fit your desired player experience.

• 3 main weapon types and a variety of power ups to decide what works best for your play style in each given situation.

• Find hidden crystals to customize the color of your weapon.

• Slo mo, a shield, and even double jump can all be unlocked with points from defeating enemies.

• Survive 30+ levels and try to uncover the truth about each of the diverse bosses.

• Dark and emotional story told through hand-drawn animated cutscenes.


As a mother, artist and ultrasound tech working at a high risk OB/GYN clinic, I've had the privilege to support human beings at their most vulnerable. My experiences,
personal and professional, inspired me to create an interactive narrative that would challenge individuals to explore and expand their perspectives.

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